What are the best carrier oils?

Plants are used to create essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils are “carried” to your skin via carrier oils after being diluted. This is due to the fact that essential oils are strong and can irritate skin when used topically. The medicinal effects of an essential oil are not affected by most carrier oils, which are often odourless or only mildly perfumed. They can be used on their own or in combination with other oils to hydrate your skin. To learn more about selecting the best carrier oil, some of the varieties that are available, and other topics, keep reading.

There are numerous carrier oils on the market. The majority can be used with any essential oil, however there are a few factors to take into account before selecting one. Carrier oils that are marketed for use in cosmetics are not governed by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, they do control edible cooking oils that may also be used as carrier oils.

Only purchase carrier oils of the highest medicinal quality from a supplier you can rely on. Look for cold-pressed, completely pure, additive- and preservative-free oils. Choose cold-pressed, organic varieties of cooking oils if you wish to utilise them as carrier oils. The following is a list of well-liked carrier oils that are diluted with essential oils for skin care, massage, and aromatherapy. Although not comprehensive, the list is a decent place to start.

List of best carrier oils

Aloe vera oil
Apricot Oil
Argan hair oil
Avocado essential Oil
Bitter almond oil
Borage Seed Oil
Brazil Nut Oil
Black castor oil
Cranberry Seed Oil
Dandelion oil

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