NodeJS — Make Your API Response Nicely

Hi friends, it’s been a while since write again in Medium. Let’s talk about API in NodeJS shall we?

The requirement for following this article

Very basic JavaScript.
Very basic NodeJS / ExpressJS.
Very basic API..

Tools that you must have to follow this article

1. NodeJS

The important thing is NodeJS itself, you can download in here ( I recommending install the LTS version, I currently used v12.2.0.

2. Postman

Postman is a powerful and friendly UI app for making an HTTP request, you can download in here (

3. Text Editor

There’s a bunch Text editor out there, I prefer using VSCode which you can download here (
It’s fine if you want to use text editors like Sublime Text or Atom, just choose tools that match for you.

Why I made this article

You know what? I just tired of making response API with the same object over and over again, it’s just like repeating that’s you already done before, and that’s not good by the way, but I did it. What an ironic haha. But is a long time ago.